A Journey to the Cloud:
Powering Your Business Growth with AWS

Learn how to boost your business with the technology behind your favorite streaming service, online transactions and personalized recommendations in e-commerce.

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AWS tools are versatile and flexible, allowing businesses to innovate with creative solutions and transform their users' experience.

Modernize applications

AWS has tools to revamp a legacy application. The Amazon MigrationHub and the ability to move app functionality in parts are at the core of this strategy.

Automate document processing

Almost any business spends time and labor extracting information from physical documents. This effort can be automated with AWS tools.

Create customized services for your users

AWS has tools to provide timely services tailored to users' needs, regardless of the level of expertise a company may have in data analytics.

Take your database to the cloud

Personalization and recommendation strategies require high computational capacity, data storage, and analysis. AWS has services to securely take your database to the cloud with as little disruption as possible.

Personalize communication with your users

Thanks to AWS tools, companies like ESPN+ were able to create an automated messaging system capable of being triggered according to context. Thus, users only receive messages about the games that interest them based on location and preferences.


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